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Advanced Tattoo Art - REVISED
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Advanced Tattoo Art REVISED takes you inside the shops of ten well-known and very experienced artists spread across the country. Which makes this both a how-to book and a photo-intensive look at the world of tattoos. Each chapter includes a tattoo sequence and an interview with the artist. The sequences takes you from concept, to sketch, stencil, and finally the finished colorful design - the photos and captions document not only the techniques, but also the inks and tools used during each step of the process. The interviews explain how each artist started out in the business, where they find inspiration, and the changes they've seen in the business since they started creating tattoos. Whether you're learning the Art of Tattooing or just fascinated by the process, this 144 page book, illustrated with over 600 color images, is sure to provide a wealth of information.

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