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Dino Tattooschablone 7 cm, 1 Stk.
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Lutz Mauder Verlag Tattoo-Set DINO in bunt
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Mit den tollen Bildern aus dem Tattoo-Set DINO in bunt vom Lutz Mauder Verlag können Kinder ihre Haut verschönern. Die farbenfrohen Tattoos sind selbstklebend, sodass sie kinderleicht auf die Haut übertragen werden können. Jetzt schnell und sicher bei tausendkind bestellen.

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Dino Tattoos
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Ganz einfach die Haut verzieren mit den vielen coolen Dino-Motive. Und so geht´s: Das Motiv vorsichtig ausschneiden und die Schutzfolie abziehen. Dann das Tattoo mit dem Motiv nach unten auf die Haut drücken. Das Trägerpapier ein bisschen anfeuchten. 20-25 Sekunden warten und anschließend behutsam das Papier abziehen. Das Tattoo bleibt auf der Haut haften. auf einem Bogen 7 coole Motive auf einem Bogen 10 x 15 cm

Stand: 22.05.2019
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Mini-Tattoos T-Rex, 24 Stück
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Die trendigen Themen-Tattoo-Sets von TapirElla sind ideal für jede Menge Spass bei den Kleinen. Die 24 Mini-Tattos haften auf der Haut (Nasstattoos). Einfach die Haut anfeuchten und Tattoo andrücken, abziehen und fertig ist die bunte Hautverzierung. Die Lutz Mauder Tattoos haften auf der Haut und sind jederzeit leicht zu entfernen. Maße: 2,8 x 3,5 cm Jedes Tattoo ist einzeln verpackt.

Stand: 18.09.2019
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Sal Mineo - Secret Doorway - Collection (CD)
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(2002/BA) 23 track (51:14) collection from the legendary 1950s film and recording star. - Sal Mineo, one of the popular stars in the 1950´s, was born in New York City on January 10th, 1939. His original ambition was to become a baseball player, but his parents, sensing his dramatic acting abilities, insisted that he attend a school for theatre, and enrolled him in dancing classes. Sal Mineo´s first job in acting was the Broadway play ´´The Rose Tattoo´´ t the age of eleven years old. He also landed the lead role in ´´The Little Screwball´´. He attracted attention to himself with that part and was signed up for the role of the crown Prince in the Rodgers and Hammerstein play ´´The King And I´ Meanwhile television was growing and the young Mineo appeared on practically every major show on all the networks. He appeared in his first movie, ´´Six Bridges To cross´´ in 1955, and later wonan Academy Award for b Wirth t Cause´´ (with James Dean). With that he also received starring roles in the movies ´´Rock Pretty Baby´´ and ´´Dino´´. In 1957 the teen dance show American Bandstand, hosted by Dick Clark, ran a contest on ´´Why I´d like to win a a date with Sal Mineo´´, it drew over 40,000 entry letters, On May 15th, 1957 Sal Mineo became Rock´n´Roll´s newest idol with the release of the ´´Start Movin´. The song overnight smash hit reached number 10 on the music charts for 19 weeks in the United States of America and number 16 for 11 weeks on the British charts. Sal Miineo had many hits over the years with songs like ´´Party Time´´, ´´Lasting Love´´ and ´´Little Pigeon´´„. They all made the top 50´s charts for over 10 weeks. Sal had a recording contract until 1959 when he decided to get back to his real love which was acting. He made many more movies for television as well as appearing in many television guest spots He also appeared in the motion picture ´´Exodus´´ in 1960. On February 12th, 1976 Sal Mineo was murdered on the streets of Hollywood, California while waiting for a friend that he was to have taken to lunch. His murderer was never found.

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