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myGDN Body Tattoo - Toxic Skull
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myGDN Body Tattoo - Toxic Skull Mit den myGDN Body Tattoos wirst Du zum absoluten Trendsetter in diesem Sommer. Auf keinem Festival, Konzert oder Pool Party darf dieses coole Accessoire fehlen. die myGDN Body Tattoos mit ihren vielfältigen Motiven komplettieren jeden Look. Anwendung: Schritt 1: Säubere Deine Haut gründlich mit Wasser und trockne sie ordentlich ab. Schritt 2: Wähle Dein gewünschtes Motiv aus und schneide es mit einer Nagelschere vorsichtig aus. Schritt 3: Entferne die transparente Folie und platziere das Motiv auf Deiner Haut. Schritt 4: Drücke mit einer feuchten Zellette auf das Tattoo und lass es ca. 30 Sekunden einwirken. Anschließend kannst Du das nasse Trägerpapier entfernen. Inhalt: 1 Blatt

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Stand: 26.02.2019
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Tatouage: Wild
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Adorn your skin with these beautiful tattoos inspired by the animal kingdom. With over 100 designs, from birds, beetles and butterflies to seahorses and ladybirds, Tatouage: Wild also includes 21 art-print keepsakes. A mix of colourful designs in a variety of sizes and shapes, makes these tattoos suitable for different parts of the body. There is also a book of quality art prints to use for animal identification, as art-print keepsakes, or as flash sheets to inspire further tattoos. Each tattoo is non-toxic and transfers easily, leaving a vibrant design that will last a few days. When it begins to fade, it can be removed easily with baby oil.

Stand: 06.09.2019
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Asshats to Assets: How to Turn Crappy Jobs into...
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Do you want to escape from that crappy job that requires you to wear a paper hat, name tag, or biohazard gloves? Would you like to learn how to deal with the asshats in your workplace and turn them into assets in your career search? Are you wondering what can possibly be gained from working for a micromanager or ´´bosshole” in the workplace?Asshats to Assets: How to Turn Crappy Jobs into Career Gold is a straightforward, funny, no-BS guide to how to turn the world’s worst jobs into the world’s best job skills. Free of pain and pop quizzes and with a side of life experience that will make you laugh and groan, you’ll discover: What the best thing about starting at the bottom isWhat your next and most important tattoo should be How to deal with a toxic workplace How to handle bad stuff on your résumé and in interviews And so much more! Each chapter includes a few easy-to-understand tips to help you improve your skills and find the way to win at the career game. By way of full disclosure, most of the chapters also include some humiliating recounting of a mistake or monumental screwup I have made in the hopes of saving you from similar embarrassment. Unless you are already the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or kind of like the way you look in that polyester uniform shirt and the name tag your boss spelled wrong, get ready to be the best you ever with Asshats to Assets: How to Turn Crappy Jobs into Career Gold. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Wendy Dwyer. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: 26.08.2019
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